Erotic Thai Massages and Bangkok ‘Ping Pong’

13 Aug

Okay, so now that I’ve grabbed you with the headline your going to have to read on because otherwise I will deem you an even bigger filthy minded pervert. Okay? Good.<

Arriving in Thailand

We only had 5 days Summer holiday off work so we planned to use them wisely. After our initial worry of having booked a hotel and then struggling to book flights, (NOT a sensible way to book a holiday at all and there I went throwing the word “wisely” around!), we were all ready to go.

We booked to stay for 6 nights on Koh Samet, an island on the West coast of Thailand, at ‘Samed Ville Hotel’. We also planned to spend a  further seventh night in a hotel in Bangkok.

There are two films that come to mind when I think about Thailand, there’s ‘The Beach’ with the gorgeous Leanardo Di Caprio, and ‘Hangover 2’ with the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Both quite different and both blockbuster movies, and did I mention they both have gorgeous lead actors? My longing to visit Thailand definitely stems from seeing ‘The Beach’. Danny Boyle shoots amazing bits of scenery in that movie that just blew me away. It looks like the single most beautiful place you could imagine on Earth and many people who’ve visited Thailand maintain that it is truly beautiful. Coming to Thailand was a big moment for me, it’s one less thing on my bucket list and it didn’t disappoint.

Our journey from Seoul International Airport to our final destination on Koh Samet was an incredibly long one. It took 24 hours all in all. I won’t go into tedious detail, but the highlight for me was the final two modes of transport. We got a little old speedboat from Ban Phe to the island, that was adrenalin fuelled indeed. The sea was rough and the driver showed no willing to be slowed down. It was amazing. Once we arrived on the Island we got a pick-up truck taxi to our hotel. That might not sound like much but that’s because your probably imagining smooth, gentle, tarmacked roads. This was a rocky, bumpy untarmacked dirt track, with the monsoon season the water had made great muddy dips in the road too and don’t forget we had no seatbelts, add to that we were completely exposed sitting on the back of an open pick-up truck like illegal Mexican labourers going to work in America. I loved it! That isn’t sarcasm, it was really fun. We clung on for dear life but it was better than most rollercoaster’s at Alton Towers, although that was probably because the possibility of injury was slightly more real!

The scene we were presented when we first arrived at Koh Samet Island was, and I know I’m in a danger of sounding corny, but it was quite magical. Maybe I was delirious from the speed boat ride, maybe I was relieved to be on solid ground again or maybe it really was that beautiful. The beach from was full on tiny bamboo bars with people sipping cocktails in the moonlight and the entire beach front was lit up in the pitch black with lovely lanterns of all different colours. It looked amazing. I felt reassured that I hadn’t built up Thailand in my mind to be better than it is. Having said that, this was just my first impression of the place. I was incredibly sleepy from the travelling and besides either of these points – it wasn’t even daylight yet! We arrived at the hotel in somewhat of a daze, we had something to eat at the hotel restaurant quickly before retiring to our beds. We were led where we would be staying by a tiny Thai man on a narrow pathway through the dark and I vaguely thought I could hear the sound of waves as we were led to the front door of our modest villa.


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