Liebster Award Nomination

31 Oct

I was incredibly chuffed to discover I have been nominated for the Liebster, (despite not really knowing what it is). I was even more chuffed though that my all time favourite blogger nominated me for it: The contents of this entire blog is my food bible whilst in Korea. Without this site I’d more than likely be crying into a bowl of kimchi at this very moment.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot about this award anywhere but so far, from what I can tell, I must in turn nominate five other blogs and they must have less than 200 followers. I must, at this point, confess that other than the blog I previously mentioned I am not an avid reader of blogs. I feel very guilty about this and I intend to change this in the next few weeks. is written by a friend living in Cheongju. It’s still quite new but annoyingly, I think it’s probably far better written than my blog, and it’s pretty witty too. Damn her!

Another blog I think will prove to be pretty good is written by someone I knew at school. She seems to have a very exciting life these days and I know from being at school with her that’s she’s a modest genius so I have no doubt that it will read like a dream. She’s also a teacher but a far better qualified one I imagine. This is also the only blog in the list which is NOT about Korea.

I was struggling to think of blogs after this so I put a status on Facebook asking for suggestions. I didn’t even realise the amount of people who have blogs here. I definitely need to keep an eye on them so I can check out the competition and up my game! I’m super competitive, you should see me at frustration – it really isn’t necessary to push the dome so hard.

I then remembered that Brian and Casey have a good blog. They are very well informed on all things Korea so this blog has some handy stuff. I found their post on learning Korean brilliant, (Despite it’s brilliance I am still hopeless, but that entirely down to my own shortcomings). They haven’t written any posts in a while but that’s only because they’ve been so busy doing so many amazing things to blog about. Keep your eye on it! From what I’ve read this appears to quite a personal blog, so it’ll be really interesting for those who want to share a more personal journey. I know from stalking their Facebook from time to time that these two have some amazing pictures from their little hiking trips but I couldn’t find any on here unfortunately and it’s a crying shame. Upload some pictures guys!

The next blog was put forward by the blogger too – Chase Chisolm, (or somebody who works for him at least). I’m not sure if he’s aware, but he’s a local celebrity round these parts. It may be his dashing good looks or it could be the sense of mystery he creates by never being in one place too long. He’s probably just a very busy guy, being a celebrity and all. My co-worker had spotted him in the gym at yoga. Despite his celebrity status I happen to know he shops at Homeplus which makes you realise that he’s just a regular guy like anyone else when it comes down to it. Check out his blog at See! He even has his own domain! He’s not a real celebrity by the way, but it’s just a matter of time…


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