Don’t lay virtual flowers beside this blog just yet.

3 Dec

I admit the blog has died a bit of a death recently and it’s my fault. After weeks of me posting I decided it should be Lawson’s turn to finally write one, as this was set up with the intention of us both writing posts. Unfortunately, he is much too busy leaving his dirty underwear on the floor and managing the England Football team, (via the PC game most football fan’s girlfriend’s wish was never invented!) Since, I wear his socks daily and he makes me regular cups of tea I’ve decided to call it quits and not press him any longer to write any posts. You can only lead a donkey to water… or in other words; my boyfriend is an ass.

I can assure you it wasn’t for lack of things to write about. Since I last posted we’ve been on a Halloween booze cruise, we’ve experienced our first ever Thanks Giving, we went to our first ever Korean football game with ex-pat festivities to boot, we’ve been to a Jinjabang, (a completely starkers spa), for the first time and we went to Seoul’s European Christmas Market last weekend. Plus, we’ve booked a ski trip for next weekend. So it’s not as though we’ve been twiddling our thumbs every weekend.

We’ve recently discovered, much to our disappointment, that Lawson and I won’t have the same Christmas holidays. My holiday starts a week earlier than his. The upside of this is that I will have plenty of time to update the blog on all our goings on and get lots of pictures up.

At the moment though, I have more pressing matters such as CHRISTMAS! I can’t believe it’s come around so quick. We have NO decorations, have bought ZERO presents and wrote not a SINGLE card. Apart from attending the before-mentioned European Christmas Market we’ve done diddly-squat in the way of festivities. We are Scrooge meets the Grinch this year. It’s time we dedicated some time to watching some much-loved Christmas films, drinking too much over-sweetened mulled wine and made some attempt to decorate the flat . I should also write some cards to the family back home before I am awoken at night by Jacob Marley’s ghost.

In the meantime I leave you with a clip from my favourite adaptation of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’.


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