George Osborne’s speech: The Tory Party is living in an upper class dreamland, bitterly alienated from real Britain

7 Mar

“I ache for a government that actually understands the realities of life in Britain” Don’t we all. 60 days until the General Election. Let’s vote wisely.

Lauren Murphy

If George Osborne wanted to prove he was living in an upper class dreamland filled with law-abiding, tax-paying, corporations and scrounging benefit claimants, spending their generous state hand-outs on widescreen TV’s and crates of Stella; then he certainly achieved his mission during the Conservative Conference. Osborne plans to cut £3bn in working-age benefits by 2017 if the Tories manage to convince the British public that voting for them in the next election wouldn’t be voting for the devil itself.

In his speech Osborne condemns those who are living on state welfare and earning more than working families, he forgets to mention the fact that most people in poverty in Britain are actually in work and receiving benefits to subsidise low-pay. The number of people receiving housing benefit that are in work has risen by 59% since the coalition came to power. The House of Commons Library published a report that…

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